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Welcome to our company founded by Mr Francesco Gallo, present on the square in Genoa for about 20 years. Initially as a sole proprietorship inscribed in the Roll of conveyors on Behalf of Third Parties in Genoa, over the years has evolved into a company, "Gallo sas di Gallo Francesco & C." exercising today with the last entry of his son William ...

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I hope to let you have my passion passed down from my father, from very far away, but as they say ... I will be brief.
Imagine a ten year old boy, raised in a popular area of ​​Genoa. A medium social class family consisting of my parents, James and Pina came north from the beautiful Sicily, my brother Maurizio five years older and I. A modest apartment with a large garden with a lot of fantasy and imagination, they built real trucks using for flying pot lids, tongs arrows and wooden spoons for marches. Tacquino the hand to the roadmap and so it started from the north to Sicily passing from Grosseto, Rome, Naples and a tirade only onto the endless Salerno - Reggio Calabria. Way you always did when we went on vacation to the country.
Over time, my father, tired of so many kilometers, he found interesting the construction branch and bought the first half of the work for the construction. And here I go into the scene. I discharged from military service I found myself thrown into a construction site in western Liguria and with him by my side quickly learned all the tricks.
In the years I realized that it was too monotonous and it was hard to take money from companies. One day my father came home, we were all at the table and began with the news that a friend had offered to take the tools of the company chariot which he had just taken over because he could not cope with anything. Suddenly I brightened and told me that I would have liked to try. At that time I was married and had a baby, aware of the risk to which I was getting into, I decided to buy the tow truck without knowing anything about how you would use. I knew nothing of any rules or authorizations and documented to me, I did courses, enrollments and all I needed to stay in good standing. To stand out from the others decided to rescue the change of use to specific road transport vehicles for third parties. Only the square of Genoa to be enrolled in the register of the transporters, began to be called by the dealerships that still appreciate the quality of service, professionalism and respect for the goods transported also when it comes to vehicles of little value . The passion often leads me to solve impossible recoveries that others refuse, but I will not tell because that would be very long.
Try our services and you will know firsthand
I am convinced that we need to see not just know how to drive well, doing just every aspect, looking at how to best carry out their job, safe for you and for others.
That 10 year old child has grown really well. I wish my son who is appearing now on the world of work, mine, to have the same teacher that I have had .... my father.


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Currently we have a warehouse of 200 square meters that allows us the 9 garaging vehicles safely, equipped with alarm connected with guardianship of the area, Equipped with cameras for monitoring service also Smart Phone. The offices for the accounting and the equipment for the small machine.

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The Power of Two Plans of which is covered for the recovery and transport vehicles with a payload ranging from 3000 kg to 2500 kg and 1600 kg of the truck specific vehicles transport
We can arrange any transfer of vehicles to and from Europe giving an excellent service and quality, with the utmost care of the transported vehicle ensuring punctuality and route monitoring using GPS
We also can tow trucks with boats, caravans and so on, in accordance with the laws of the Highway Code


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We offer you a 24 / 24h service and deliver your vehicle in every part of Europe so Fast and Sure. GPS tracking system you can also keep an eye on the position of your vehicle to the desired destination.

  • We deliver your vehicle anywhere in Europe

    Italy, France, Spain … we deliver your vehicle to and from all European destinations in a short time and with maximum safety.
  • Withdrawal and Transport in 48h

    We offer a transport service in 48 / 64h from the date of booking. Guarantee maximum withdrawal punctuality, transport and delivery.
  • Book your transfer now!

    Save time and money. Booking your transfer now! One of our staff will immediately contact you to respond to your requests and needs.

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Scopri alcuni dei lavori che abbiamo effettuato per i nostri clienti.La passione e la dedizione per il nostro lavoro è alla base dell'alta qualità di ogni nostro servizio.


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Thanks to the availability and the speed that you have shown in the transfer of my auto.Se must transfer their sports cars are the best! See you soon.

Marco Private

Hello Francesco! You deserve this positive review because you're always the best :-) we feel for the next raduno.Grazie

Giuglio Valguarnera
Giuglio Valguarnera Private


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